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Fox News’s insistence on ignoring the reality of the actual news is costing them, big time.

With Trump associates either being found guilty or ratting the criminal president out, Fox News refuses to report what’s going on. Even their most ardent viewers are looking elsewhere for a reality check.

On Thursday night, Rachel Maddow had 3,674,000 viewers to Sean Hannity’s 2.9 million. Lawrence O’Donnell followed Maddow with 2.774 million to Laura Ingraham’s 2.29 million.

On Wednesday night, Rachel Maddow scored 3.5 million viewers on MSNBC at 9pm. Over at Fox News, Sean Hannity– still in Trump’s pocket and up his you know what, finished with 3.1 million.

The MSNBC margin continued at 10pm, where Lawrence O’Donnell, following Maddow, beat Laura Ingraham by another 300,000 viewers.

At 8pm, Fox News’s insipid Tucker Carlson brought in just 2.5 million viewers. That’s a divide of 1 million people between Carlson and Maddow. (Carlson did beat MSNBC’s Chris Hayes at 8pm, but that may be because the Fox News viewers are older and asleep by the time Maddow comes on.)

Right now, at 1:50pm, Foxnews.com’s top story is about conservatives feeling unwanted on college campuses. A story about Trump associate Allen Weisselberg making an immunity deal to flip on Donald is way down below, nearly hidden. There’s also an incorrect entertainment story about Sony admitting that Michael Jackson’s vocals were faked on a posthumous album.

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