Who is America? Or rather, where is it? It’s certainly not watching Sacha Baron Cohen’s weekly show on Showtime.

On Sunday “Who is America,” which skewered failed Senate candidate Roy Moore, landed only 219,000 viewers. That was up about 60,000 from the prior week, but basically, disaster.

What were cable viewers watching Sunday at 10pm? Why, the Bruce Willis roast on Comedy Central. Emceed by a very capable Joseph Gordon Levitt, the roast was raunchy lite, nothing too bad. Willis was chided for making bad movies, and for his failed marriage to Demi Moore. To top that off, Moore herself appeared and was hilarious (Also she looked great.)

It was a fun night, with non comics like Martha Stewart and Edward Norton the surprise stars.

Willis seemed to enjoy the evening although he didn’t say much. Just at the end he read a long speech off a TelePrompter and got some laughs. It felt as though it had been taped separately, however.

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