Home Movies “Mission Impossible: Fallout” Has Opening Weekend of $61.5 Mil US, $153.5 Worldwide

Uneasy memories of box office duds “The Mummy” and “American Made” were soothed for Tom Cruise this weekend. “Mission Impossible Fallout” scored $61.5 mil US and $153.5 mil worldwide.

The latest installment of the series had the biggest opening weekend yet. Plus, at least this time Cruise will get back into China at the end of August. “The Mummy” made $91 million there, but “American Made” wasn’t even released there.

Of course, “Fallout” can attribute some of its extra success to the fact that it opened in more US locations than almost every other film this year.

Meantime, this is the summer of documentaries. “Mister Rogers: Won’t You Be My Friend” just crossed the $20 million mark. Many of other docs are booming. But the Whitney Houston doc, “Whitney,” has been  disappointment. I guess her fans wanted to see great performances and the inner workings behind the scenes of concerts, and in the studio. They got something quite different.

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