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Sean Spicer’s hype is bigger than his reality.

Spicey, as he came to known on “Saturday Night Live,” just published a memoir to cash in on his short stint with the Trump Administration. “The Briefing: Politics, The Press, and The President” was published on Tuesday by Regnery, the conservative publishing company everyone in real publishing ignores.

Immediately, Spicey was bombarded with protests. Book signings had to be cancelled. He won’t be invited anytime soon to Michael’s to celebrate.

But the real issue is that “The Briefing” isn’t selling. It’s stuck at number 325 now on amazon.com after a short stint hovering near number 100. Reviews on amazon.com from readers aren’t very encouraging either.

The Kindle edition e-book isn’t faring well, either. It’s sitting at 1,406.

Meanwhile, Spicey’s old friend and White House colleague, Omarosa Manigault, she the butt of jokes from “The Apprentice,” will try her hand at bilking the public with her own book next month. Who would waste their money on this fiction? I guess we’ll see.

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