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Like everything else, the Kennedy Center Honors has pretty much been wrecked.

Their new inductees are Cher, composer Phillip Glass, country music star Reba McEntire and jazz legend Wayne Shorter.

None of those are objectionable, but a lot of people who’ve been waiting for an award — and are aging– were snubbed including Dick van Dyke, Doris Day, and Jane Fonda.

On top of that, purely for ratings, the Kennedy Center is giving a special award to “Hamilton.” The Associated Press wrote that “Hamilton” is a gender bending musical, which should be hilarious to creator Lin Manuel Miranda.

But it’s inappropriate to reward “Hamilton,” which is just four years old, much as everyone loves it. This is purely for ratings because they want to recreate the show on their broadcast.

This breaks the whole Kennedy Center charter begun in the 1970s. But the impatience for ratings supersedes everything. It’s a cheap move.

Cher and Reba, ok, whatever. At least we know that Donald Trump won’t be there in the presidential box. All the people chosen by the KC hate Trump, but no one more than Cher. Her Twitter account is a daily diatribe against him. Wasn’t it the cast of  “Hamilton” that kicked Mike Pence’s ass?

So some good will come of this. But really: “Hamilton”? A cheap ratings move. Why not Justin Bieber, just get it over with?


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