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Last night on Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight” Show, Tom Cruise showed how he’s mastered the art of saying nothing while plugging his movie. Cruise and Fallon have made this an art by now. Fallon talks and talks and talks, summarizes the movie, praises Cruise, and the movie star– who has much to hide and lots to reveal– just nods and smiles.

This should be studied in university public relations classes. The appearance– you can’t call it an interview– is just a pure commercial for “Mission Impossible: Fallout” so that there will never be any fallout.

Tonight Cruise tapes Stephen Colbert, which should be more of the same. Colbert, who can get a headline out of anyone, will not ask Cruise about Scientology, his children, or even where he lives. There will be no questions about politics– Colbert’s specialty– or #MeToo or anything about Hollywood. Guaranteed. But it is interesting that Colbert agreed to follow Fallon, since Colbert has the higher ratings. And you see the photo I used? Can you imagine in any other situation Colbert NOT asking about it?

Watch this, it’s amazing:

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