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Ambushed Laguna Beach art dealer Christy Cones posted this Tweet today: Sacha Baron Cohen, under his character’s name Rick Sherman, sent her a surprise gift– the “art” he created from his bodily fluids while duping her during a taping for Episode 1 on “Who is America?”

The show airs again tomorrow night, but there are no previews. Last week they scored just 327,000 viewers.

Cones is a sport. She’s trying to keep her 15 minutes of fame while still smiling. Good for her. But she’s also not going to be embarrassed easily. She writes:

“This is just the beginning. The original emails used by Sacha and crew to lure gullible Christy into a trap will be made public, as well as the video used to create the fraudulent artwork. Other vids too”

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