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The summer of Drake continues unabated.

His “Scorpion” album added another 265,000 in sales, almost all from streaming. Drake’s album sales– CDs and downloads– is minimal at this point.

But it’s all good. According to hitsdailydouble’s Song Revenue Chart, Drake made about $2 million last week from streaming all the songs on the album in the top 20.

His breakout hit from the album is the single “In My Feelings.” It’s way ahead of the track that samples Michael Jackson’s voice from an unreleased track.

There are just 4,350 people left in the U.S. They bought John Coltrane’s unreleased, recently discovered “Both Directions at Once.” You know who you are.

Eleven of the top 50 albums this week are from “legacy” artists. The Columbia Records name appears just twice. Warner Bros. doesn’t show up at all.

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