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One hundred and fifty years agoBack in 1971, Paul McCartney loaded wife Linda and their new band Wings into a van and drove around the UK surprising small clubs with shows. Ever since then, a hallmark of a McCartney album pre-release has been small shows in surprise locations. I went to one in the summer of 1989 that I’ll never forget at the Lyceum Theater here in New York.

With a new album, “Egypt Station,” coming on September 7th, it looks like Paul is up to his old tricks. (And we’re happy about that.) In Liverpool, he has invited fans to make videos in a contest for a private show. Videos are proliferating on Twitter and other social media.

Next up: maybe a show in NYC, Los Angeles, and who knows where else? Are we ready? Considering the landscape of the world right now, Paul– we need you! *PS “Egypt Station” is number 40 on the Amazon album charts, from pre-orders. Ram on!

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