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NBC will not get rid of Megyn Kelly. Her 9am show is unwatchable, it’s draining the ratings of Hoda and Kathie Lee at 10am. Andy Lack doesn’t care.

So now what? Lack is bringing Kelly to prime time next month. I swear, he’s doing it just so I can write how bad the ratings were the next day. Why else? When they did this last year, no one watched. No one will watch again. An NBC press release says she will turn up periodically in prime time. I can’t wait.

Kelly is like screeching chalk on a blackboard. She’s an unrepentant conservative who leers at survivors of rape or incest or bad breeding and says she really relates to them. Then she says something crazy supporting Trump.

So thanks, Andy Lack, and thanks from all the other entertainment writers. You’ve given me ammunition for ratings stories. I needed them.


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