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Once there was a time when people in the TV business complained that HBO and Showtime were taking the Emmys away from network TV.

Now the Emmys belong to shows that aren’t even on TV or cable. They’re on the computer. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, FX et al lead the pack of Emmy nominees. Amazon has to be thankful for “Mrs. Maisel.”

Biggest snubs: Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show, Seth Meyers and the Late Show. Corden, Colbert, and Kimmel all made the cut. For some reason, the NBC late night shows are totally snubbed again.

Also: Showtime gets nothing again. “Billions” was once again totally ignored. So was “Homeland.” Has Showtime just given up?

Best Comedy: Atlanta, Barry, Blackish, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Glow. Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Silicon Valley. Kimmy Schmidt.

Best Drama: Americans, The Crown, Game of thrones, Handmaid’s Tale, Stranger Things, This is Us, Westworld.

By network: Netflix lead with 112 nominations, HBO was second with 108. FX Networks had 50, Showtime had a meager 21. Amazon had none. (Did they not have any shows?)

Networks: NBC 78, CBS 34, ABC 31.

Full list to come…

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