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The Motion Picture Academy has found 928 new members to invite, from 59 different countries.

They’ve cast their web so wide that, really, only Stormy Daniels is left for next year. (Just kidding.)

A lot of people are in now who you might associate mostly with television. Maybe they made one or two movies of no significance, but if they’re anything other than white, or men, they’re in.

The Academy is really touting inclusion of women– many of whom should long ago have been made members, like Christine Baranski or Eileen Atkins. Julie Kavner is finally in, even though we think of her mostly from “Rhoda” or “The Simpsons.” Six time Tony winner Audra McDonald is in, as is Indian actress Tabu (I wondered what happened to her), and Scientologist Yeardley Smith of “The Simpsons” (also TV).

In music, they’ve added Melissa Etheridge, Questlove from the Roots, and Kendrick Lamar.

Plus some of our favorite publicists got in, including Janice Roland, Michael Kupferberg, Nicolette Aizenberg, Scott Feinstein, Lina Plath, Shannon Treusch, Pete Dangerfield, Vicky Eguia, and the just married Bebe Lerner!

Congrats to all!


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