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Well, “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” has a 54 on Rotten Tomatoes. Predictions are that it will have a disappointing opening weekend at $130 million, well below its predecessor’s $208.8 million opening.

But the good news is that “Fallen Kingdom” has already made $450 million internationally.

Universal was smart. They got the dino’s, Chris Pratt and company out to foreign territories where special effects were more important than a story. Because “Fallen Kingdom” is basically the same movie as all the other “Jurassic” installments. And Chris Pratt looks like he’s asleep or dazed for most of the film.

But in foreign countries, no one cares about these things. And the special effects are super. So Universal got the jump. A low US first weekend won’t affect the international sales. Even the bad reviews can’t hurt “Fallen Kingdom.” And hopefully for a third and final film they’ll develop the story and give Pratt a Thermos full of coffee.

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