Creepy Rudy Giuliani cheated on third wife, Judith Nathan, just the way he cheated on Donna Hanover — wife number 2 — with Nathan.

The New York Post reports this woman is married — this is a hoot– to an ex-Marine. Like Nathan, she had something to do with the medical field. Maria Rosa Ryan, 53 is a hospital administrator in New Hampshire. (She must suffer from severe vision impairment and hearing loss, but no one has commented on that yet.)

Giuliani is the face of the Trump legal team. He’s the ass of the century. Back in April 2000, I caught him on a “date” with Nathan the day after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Within two weeks, Hanover kicked him out and divorced him. Giuiliani’s children with Hanover didn’t speak to him for a long time. Lately son Andrew works for him in his consultant business. But how can he look at him now? Giuliani is a sniveling rat.

Of course, Nathan shouldn’t be surprised. What did she think when he cheated on Hanover with her?


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