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TUESDAY UPDATE: Paul McCartney’s Instagram account has been stripped down to just three posts including the weird new logo and a black and white photo of microphones in a studio. A new single is about to drop. Madonna may also have something this week. Who knows? It’s the time of the season.

McCartney played the song in Liverpool two days ago. The uptempo rocker, very catchy of course, sounds it’s called “Come Home to You.” Here’s the video:


EARLIER : Youthful and endlessly creative Paul McCartney will turn 76 next Monday, June 18th.

Today he posted a crpyptic drawing to Instagram. It looks like a logo of some kind. His new album may be ready to drop. At least a single is on the way. Could it be this Friday, in advance of turning 76? Let’s hope so.

McCartney has been working with Ryan Tedder, Greg Kurstin (famous for Adele’s “Hello”) and other producers for over a year. He hasn’t had an album of new material since “New” in 2013,

I am an unabashed McCartney fan since the moment “Another Day” came out as a single. Some of the albums are exceptional– McCartney, Ram, Wildlife, Band on the Run, Flowers in the Dirt, Flaming Pie, Chaos and Creation, Memory Almost Full. Some are sentimental favorites–Red Rose Speedway, Driving Rain. And then there are the surprising Electric Fireman albums. McCartney’s Unplugged album is absolutely genius.

So please, Paul, what a nice birthday present for all of us this week. We need it.

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