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Kanye West’s “Ye” went from Yeesh to Yes, and over performed from its original low ball estimate.

BuzzAngle and Hitsdailydouble say it sold a total of 210,000 copies downloaded and streamed.

Of that number 80,000 were paid downloads. There are no physical CDs.

“Ye” didn’t do as well as a number of other albums this year. But 210K is a respectable place to start.

The seven track, 23 minute EP sells for $7.99 so that may have encouraged fans to download it.

And it’s good news for all the people who should have received sampling money– there are a lot of them, starting with obscure 60s pop writer Trade Martin. It’s his song “Take Me For a Little While” that forms Kanye’s “Ghost Town.”

New releases today flooded the chart and knocked “Ye” to number 5. One of those releases was Kanye’s other 23 minute EP with Kid Cudi.


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