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Not surprisingly, Anthony Bourdain’s books have zoomed to the top of the Amazon best sellers. Alas, death sells when these things happen.

The paperback of “Kitchen Confidential” is number 1, and the hardcover is number 6. Two of Bourdain’s other titles are at numbers 4 and 5– “Medium Raw” and “Appetites.”

“The Les Halles Cookbook” is at number 11, which reminds me of all the great meals we had there. Les Halles was a towering success on Park Avenue and 28th St.

Bourdain also has books at numbers 30 and 32.

Meanwhile, Harper Collins didn’t even wait for Bourdain’s body to be cold when they announced the closing of his book imprint with them today. They couldn’t hold off shutting it down. Here’s your coffin, what’s your hurry.

It’s a tough business.

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