This is the Royal Jesters’ version of “Take Me for a Little While.” The song was a hit for Dave Edmunds, Dusty Springfield, and Vanilla Fudge at different times. It was written in the 1960s by Trade Martin, who more recently expressed his distaste for mosque that was going to be built near the World Trade Center site.

On Kanye West’s new album, the song is called “Ghost Town.” Anyway, the Royal Jesters’ version is obscure, which is what Kanye likes. The Jesters were a Chicano soul group from San Antonio, Texas. It’s their voices you hear on “Ye.” It looks like they recorded as a B side for a single in the late 60s maybe. At least one member of the group is dead. I hope the whole group is being paid handsomely by Kanye and Def Jam.

Gospel great Shirley Ann Lee sings the opening part from her song “Someday.” God knows who was paid for this. It turns out both original records are in the hands of something called Numero Group from Chicago.

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