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It was only two weeks ago that Kanye West again embraced Donald Trump and declared “Slavery is a choice.”

Last night he dragged dozens of journalists and celebrities to the Wyoming prairie to hear his short, seven track new album called “Ye.”

The press junket went via private plane and waited around for hours for “Ye” to be played. Set for 10pm Eastern, it came off at midnight.

Who was there? Some rappers, some celebs like Chris Rock and Jonah Hill. Kim Karsdashian was there. too. She’s married to Kanye.

But so too was crazy right wing blogger Cameron Owens. Kanye likes the way she thinks. Owens loves Donald Trump and could set Black America back 100 years if she gets any kind of following.

And Kanye’s album? The first track, called “Premeditated Murder,” made me worry about Kim. Kanye says he thought about killing himself and killing her. “And I love myself more than I love you,” he says.

The rest of it is catchy, but it’s full of samples, features Charlie Wilson and Kid Cudi singing. I doubt anyone thought it was worth flying halfway across the country to nowhere.

We’ll see when more info comes in this morning…


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