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“Solo: A Star Wars Story” has scored the lowest opening weekend of any “Star Wars” movie with $103 million over four days.

Now that we’ve gotten that of our systems, life goes on. The next step for Disney-LucasFilms is how to approach the sequels.

And there will be sequels. “Solo” ends with a potent cliffhanger featuring a long forgotten villain. That will not go unresolved.

At the “Solo” premiere in Cannes, I was assured by a number of insiders the sequels will be coming.

Clearly, Ron Howard won’t be back to direct “Solo 2.” He’s got other things to do. Howard only stepped into this to help out LucasFilms when they wanted to replace the two original directors.

So now LucasFilms will be talking to a lot of directors and writers about how to build on what was good, and go forward from here. With THAT VILLAIN certainly to be majorly in the mix, “Solo 2” will have to focus on how to incorporate better special effects, a tighter story, a love story, and so on.

But never count out “Star Wars.” The sagas will continue in many directions. LucasFilms will learn from its mistakes.


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