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UPDATE “Solo” made just $83 million for the three day weekend. It may just break $101 million through Monday night. That’s the lowest for any “Star Wars” movie. Was it the movie or the marketing? There are going to be arguments that this shouldn’t have been billed as a “Star Wars” movie. No lightsabres, no cry.

It doesn’t matter if you liked “Solo: A Star Wars Story” or wanted to see it. This movie will be destroyed one way or another by forces bigger than the Empire– naysayers and lurkers, commenters who are happy to see a catastrophe.

And so “Solo” looks like it will lose the weekend to “Deadpool 2.” This is Disney’s dilemma, as both movies belong to them. After back to back blockbusters with “Black Panther” and “Infinity War,” the company that rules the commercial universe is having a rocky Memorial Day weekend.

Wait for the update…so far all the other box office numbers are in this morning except for “Solo.”

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