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“Solo: A Star Wars Story” is only going to make around $110 million this weekend.

Ha ha. Only. It’s a movie with no star in the lead role, and with no real history other than Han Solo’s “Star Wars” Movies from 40 years ago. I’d say that’s pretty good.

The “Solo” take from Thursday and Friday is $35.6 million including $14.1 million from Thursday. That puts it on a par with “Rogue One,” another movie that had no history, was ‘free-standing’ so to speak.

As a “Star Wars” movie, the “Solo” take is not fantastic. But it’s not a “Star Wars” movie. There’s no Force, or Yoda, or Skywalker or Wookies or James Earl Jones or any reference to “Star Wars” really except Woody Harrelson mentioning Tatooine or the last minute appearance of an old villain.

So why not go and enjoy it? The lurkers are trying to kill it, god only knows.

Meanwhile, “Deadpool 2” is still doing great business. And I’m going to see it tomorrow.

More importantly, “RBG,” a documentary about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, will cross the $5 million line tomorrow. Bravo!


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