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Is amFAR having trouble accounting for last night’s dinner receipts?

Usually, the organization would have been touting a record haul before the night ended. At least by morning there would be a press release full of hyperbole.

But so far, 18 hours later, they’ve only accounted for around $5 million from the live auction– just three final wins from well heeled diners.

Otherwise, there’s no word. An insider tells me: “They’re trying to figure out what to say.”

Clearly, last night’s Cinema Against AIDS in Cannes was a disaster. amFAR is famous for inventing numbers, so they could say anything. The actual results won’t come out for 18 months in their posted tax returns.

I sent email midday and one this evening to amFAR PR people. There’s been no response. Wait for updates.

By the way, among the missing last night was Naomi Campbell. She’d been in town all week, and appeared at her own party and on the red carpet for Spike Lee. Considering it was only a couple of years ago that amFAR gave Naomi their tent for her birthday party, you’d think they could have gotten her to make an appearance.

The plot thickens.

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