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“NCIS” Update: Pauley Perrette Says Goodbye to Abby and Worrying About Her Fake Neck Tattoo


Pauley Perrette is well loved by her fans, 15 million of them tuned in for her last episode of “NCIS” and they are still mourning Abby Scuito. On Friday,  Pauley came to LA’s Project Angel Food, where she and PAF’s Executive Director Richard Ayoub unveiled  a new van that she sponsored and where she is a trustee on the Board. PAF delivers meals to people with critical illness. She came to the kitchen (talking with everyone there) to put the finishing touches on meal labels for Mother Day’s meals, which she also underwrote.

I asked her what drives her to give back as much as she does. Pauley answered, “I think it’s important to be kind. It’s really not that hard. Especially in this day and age, every bit of kindness that you can do. I also talk a lot, I talk to everyone. Hey, I’m from the South!”

I noticed that when Mark McBride, the Director of Philanthropy, helped her put on an apron before she put labels on the meals alongside Chef Dan, Pauley quipped to be careful of the tattoo but then stopped herself. She explained, “Because I’m still not used to not having a big giant fake tattoo on my neck. So when I was putting the apron on I was like, ‘Don’t mess up the tattoo,’ then, ‘Oh I’m not wearing the tattoo.’ When I had it on it at work, I always had to make sure no one touched it because then we would have to take the whole thing off and then put it on all over again. I did that for sixteen years.”

How is she feeling about leaving the show? She answered thoughtfully, “We shall see what the next chapter is. The last episode was only a couple of days ago. I’m a person of faith so I believe this is God’s plan and I’ll abide by that and I know it will be revealed to me. I’m waiting to see what happens.”


photo: courtesy of Jared Alexander Photography

Leah Sydney
Leah Sydney
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