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“Law & Order: SVU” has its hard core fans. So they will be thrilled to know that their show, starring Mariska Hargitay, has been renewed for its 20th season.

This means they’ve tied the run of the original “Law & Order,” which ran 20 seasons before getting abruptly cancelled after ratings fell out in the final season.

“SVU” is planning a cliffhanger season finale for May 22nd, by the way, so they’d better be coming back this fall!

What a tribute to Hargitay, who assumed the starring role when Chris Meloni left several years ago. Her mother, the late great star Jayne Mansfield, must be smiling in heaven. Mansfield’s life was cut short in a terrible car accident in 1967. Mariska was just three years old. She’s gone on to be such a success on “SVU,” as well as being a tireless advocate for women as a documentary producer.

NBC also renewed producer Dick Wolf’s three Chicago shows– police, fire and post office. (Just kidding.) It’s actually kind of amazing that Wolf had all those New York shows that were hits, then changed the locale to Chicago and had hits all over again.

Today, Wolf also formally announces his branching out to CBS, as well, where his new “FBI” rolls out in the fall with 13 episodes. Jeremy Sisto, an alum of “Law & Order” and “Six Feet Under,” stars with hot newcomer Zeeko Zaki as the lead FBI agent. Zaki is going to be The New Guy this fall who everyone’s talking about. His six foot five and of Egyptian descent although raised in the US.

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