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The 2018 Cannes Film Festival is going to have to find a groove without a lot of US celebs.

For one thing, Andrew Garfield, one of the stars of David Robert Mitchell’s “Under the Silver Lake,” is stuck on Broadway where he’s performing six long shows a week of “Angels in America.” The newly minted Tony Award nominee is likely to win Best Actor, too, so it’s not like he can get away.

But now I’m told Garfield’s “Silver Lake” co-star Riley Keough isn’t coming to Cannes, either. And that’s a blow because Riley– who is hot as a pistol right now– is also in Lars von Trier’s controversial and violent “The House That Jack Built.”

Keough isn’t the only star from the von Trier movie not going to Cannes. Uma Thurman is also skipping the festival. And that means a lot less star wattage on the Croisette.

The von Trier movie will also be notable for something else. I’m told that the Danish director, who got himself banned from Cannes a few years ago after making comments about Nazis, will not have a press conference for “The House That Jack Built.” Since his banishment began at a press conference, I suppose the feeling is that it’s best to muzzle him.

Of course, at the press conference for “Melancholia,” von Trier also suggested to his female stars on the dais– Kirsten Dunst and Charlotte Gainsbourg– that he “Make a porno” with them. I guess Keough and Thurman will be spared that kind of situation on a dais. (Keough’s publicist says she’s working at that time.)

Also not coming to Cannes is Jake Gyllenhaal, star of Paul Dano’s “Wildlife,” shows in the Cannes Critics Week. “Wildlife” was a Sundance hit, with Jake co-starring alongside Carey Mulligan. She’s likely not attending either as the British actress is going into an off Broadway play soon. Gyllenhaal may be rehearsing for his Leonard Bernstein biopic, so he must “conduct himself” very carefully!

PS All of this news is disappointing. These films are must-see attractions. Let’s hope one of these actors re-considers!

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