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Kanye West’s “music” is all sampled. He doesn’t write music, you know. He samples it from existing sources. His new release this weekend, “Lift Yourself,” is a cover of a 1973 soul hit called “Liberty” by the group Amnesty. Their music is 100 % better than anything Kanye has ever cobbled onto a digital file. Let’s hope Kanye paid them handsomely for their sample. If he didn’t, let’s hear about it at showbiz411@gmail.com

The other song references the Sunken Place from “Get Out” which as Jordan Peele’s idea, Not Kanye’s. In the background you can hear the great Levi Stubbs from the Four Tops singing a sample of “Seven Rooms of Gloom.”

This is all LAME.

“Liberty” by Amnesty

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