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Kanye West’s 2018 spring breakdown is now ten days. It began on April 15, the day he returned to Twitter after almost a year away following his 2017 breakdown.

He’s backed Donald Trump again, suggested a 2024 Presidential run after I guess cancelling his 2020 run. He’s endorsed a crazy black female ultra-right personality, shown pictures of women’s shoes he’s designed that look like Lucite picture holders. He’s announced several albums including maybe one solo, one with Kid Cudi, and few he’s produced and will release.

I didn’t know that back on March 29th, Kanye’s long time manager and confidant, Izzy, left. That’s a very bad sign. Then Page Six reports that Scooter Braun, who’s got enough patience to have lasted all this time with Justi Bieber, has also left Kanye. Braun has been through too much to tolerate this craziness.

Let’s not forget that Kanye’s 2016-2017 nosedive into mental chaos came when he released “The Life of Pablo” with no marketing or PR or really a label, then re-released it, and it sold a very measly 27,700 copies. He placed it on Jay Z’s long suffering Tidal service, where streaming has brought it up to a million copies (maybe). Kanye thought he was Pablo Picasso when in fact he wasn’t. (We could have told him that.) He also claimed he had no money and went around asking people for some. “Pablo” has not been a great money maker. (One of his problems on all his albums is paying for samples of old music. He doesn’t write his own.)

Kanye continues to sink lots of money into his fashion lines. They are unwearable, not wanted except by collectors and hard core fans. His sneakers make your feet ache just by looking at them.

But the Tweets keep on coming. And it’s not getting better.

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