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The Cannes Film Festival just added a couple of films to the line up.

Lars von Trier has been invited back, but out of competition, for his “The House That Jack Built” starring Riley Keough, Uma Thurman and Matt Dillon. von Trier was expelled from Cannes several years after making anti-Semitic, pro Nazi comments, and observing that he’d like “to make a porno” with his female stars of the movie “Melancholia.”

I’m told there was quite a brouhaha in allowing him back, and that there was no way he’d be allowed to return in competition. “Jack” is all about a serial killer. Sounds like fun!

Cannes also announced the closing night film would be Terry Gilliam’s long awaited “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote.” starring Adam Driver and Jonathan Pryce. The film was begun in 1998, started shooting and then collapsed. By 2000, it was thought to be a dead project. But Gilliam persisted, and picked it up again last year. Now finally we see the movie that inspired the documentary “Lost in La Mancha.”


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