Home Television Review: “Roseanne” Was Actually Funny Tonight, But Dropped All Its Controversial Material

“Roseanne” was actually funny tonight.

There were no shrill political debates, on the positive side. On the negative, it looks like they cut the baby surrogacy story. Becky’s eggs were too old to be used — she’d been shaving 10 years off her forty three. What that means for Sarah Chalke is unclear since it was going to be her baby.

In addition to the dropped surrogacy story, there was no sign of the cross dressing 10 year old or the black granddaughter. Is this all because of time constraints, or is the show deferring to the conservative audience it attracted in its massive premiere?

More positives: a little bit more of Laurie Metcalf showing her wide range. John Goodman, however, still seems at sea.

We’ll see what the ratings are in the morning. But it was nice to see things calm down a little. And even nicer to see Lecy Goranson and Sara Gilbert get a big sister scene for themselves.

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