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You can hear it now: Joy Mangano will be mopping it up soon with a Broadway musical of her own. The QVC star who has already had a David O. Russell- Jennifer Lawrence movie made about her is heading to the Great White Way. (Or should I say the Great Bright Way? The lights are blazing these days!)

Ken Davenport, of “Once on this Island” and “Kinky Boots” fame, has optioned the rights to Mangano’s life story. It won’t be a remake of the Russell movie, “Joy,” but a whole new book and score will be commissioned. You can already see the ladies dancing with the mop buckets, right?

How many Broadway stars will be lining up to play Mangano? Jesse Mueller must already be polishing her floors. We won’t see “Bucket List” (my title– it will undoubtedly be called “Joy”) for a couple of years.

PS “Joy,” the movie made $100 million worldwide, just about evenly split between US and foreign.

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