Home Media Rachel Maddow Goes For Three in a Row: MSNBC Star Has Trounced...

Rachel Maddow will try and make it a hat trick tonight at 9pm on MSBC. The talk show star has devoured her competition, Sean Hannity on the last two nights.

On Monday night Maddow scored 3.4 million viewers vs. Hannity’s 2.9 million. Last night Rachel had 3.1 million vs. 2.6 mil for Hannity. That’s a half million viewers between them.

Clearly, Maddow is making more sense to her viewers. She’s covering the day’s actual headlines while Hannity sticks to news from 2016, Hillary’s emails, or the sanctuary city issue in California. Hannity’s refusal to acknowledge Donald Trump’s real time disasters is costing him viewers.

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