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Bruce Willis’s zonked out appearance this week on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight show made fans on social media wonder– is he on painkillers? Why is he so mellow? What’s happened to the glib, funny, cocky Willis? It was the actor’s one promo shot for his remake of the 1974 Charles Bronson thriller killer “Death Wish.”

Reviews for the film were embargoed until Thursday night. When they finally spilled forth, “Death Wish” got a 15 rating. Every regular reviewer hated it. The New York Post said: “Willis, who was once a formidable action star, is performing “Die Hard With an Ambien” as he exhibits zero emotion and mutters under his breath like an accountant who’s upset with his boss.”

“Death Wish” was supposed to be released last November but was pulled after the Las Vegas mass shooting. Last week’s Parkland mass shooting was only 17 dead vs. 59 dead, so MGM figured it was alright to release a movie about a guy who goes around killing people.

“Death Wish” will be eaten alive by the third weekend of “Black Panther” and some box office for “Red Sparrow.” Willis’s last official movie, “Extraction,” made $16,775 so “Death Wish” can only go up from there. On Fallon, Willis made some reference to a possible 6th “Die Hard” movie, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. It is extremely unlikely.

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