Last night you all went to see “Black Panther” again, didn’tcha?

Ryan Coogler’s biggest ever comic book movie took in $28 million and crossed the $320 Million mark on its 8th day.

By tomorrow tonight, the wacky Wakanda gang will have grossed around $370 million in 10 days. The total worldwide gross will be over $600 million.

On Monday, a federal holiday will be declared in Wakanda. Everyone gets the day off to think about who they’d like to see in the sequel.

At Disney, all the mice will be turning cartwheels. But trouble may be looming: this week the premier of “A Wrinkle in Time” — which Disney has promoted heavily — slips in before Oscar weekend. But the movie doesn’t open until Friday, March 9th. And reviews are embargoed until just before the opening. That’s a very bad sign– a wrinkle in the plan, so to speak. When reviews are prohibited from release until the last minute it means the studio is hiding them. Let’s hope that isn’t true this time, because everyone was counting on a big hit here.


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