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Going back at least 10 years or more, Foxnews.com has always had a secret sister website not edited by the main website’s editors. It’s called FoxNation.com. Regular people have not heard of it. It’s for the real right wing crazy people who are more fringe than even regular Fox News fans.

Now Fox News has announced they will launch a streaming service for their ‘super-fans’– meaning nutcases– called Fox Nation. They want these superfans– extreme racists, etc– to pay for this service. It will provide a different level of coverage than Fox News.

You can only imagine what that would be since today– while every other news service was covering the Florida students, the 17 deaths, and Russian interference with the 2016 election– Fox News was ignoring all that.

Fox is already the home of Fake News. They feed their uneducated, blissfully ignorant readers with a lot of non nutritional garbage so that they never know that their president was golfing today while there were funerals of teenagers in Florida, or that special investigator Mueller is working his way toward Trump through his former campaign managers, one of whom is now pleading guilty and rolling on Trump.

So Fox Nation will double down on crap like ‘we can say Merry Christmas now’ and ‘The Media’s Olympic-Level North Korea Fawning Is a Disgrace’.

Is Roger Ailes dead? Not really. Are Rupert Murdoch and his sons as craven as ever? Yes.

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