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The struggle to find records for “Black Panther” to shatter continues…

Ryan Coogler’s fun and well crafted comic book movie made $75 million from Thursday and Friday nights total. It’s on track for a $185 million three day opening. That will make it the sixth biggest opening weekend ever. Hey, that’s not bad!

If you want to make it a four day test, “Black Panther” will come in 5th all time. We think. Sunday is still a mystery since snow is coming to the Northeast. And on Monday, “Get Out” is free everywhere.

Still, “Black Panther” regardless of what number it is all time, etc is a very enjoyable movie. And it has a lot of cultural significance.

Meantime, the right wing and completely nutty Breitbart website tried to spin “Black Panther” as a Trump-endorsing vehicle. Their reviewer, who must have taken too much Sudafed, said that Trump was the hero of the movie and the villain was Black Lives Matter. John Nolte also wrote that T’Challa was keeping immigrants out of Wakanda, which made him a Trump philosopher. The guy must be on LSD. I am not providing a link.

Nolte maybe didn’t stay until the very end of the movie– to the post- credits scene where T’Challa brings Wakanda to the United Nations. He is a globalist, not an isolationist, and I do believe Wakanda welcomes anyone who can find it. There were some isolationists at work this week, but they weren’t from Wakanda. They were from Disney.

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