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A police report filed in 2010 alleges physical abuse by actor Michael Fassbender against his ex girlfriend, Sunawin Leasi Andrews.

The papers were published tonight on a blog belonging to freelance journalist Selma Fonseca, a long time friend of Andrews. They came as a response to an article in The Daily Beast that was published two days ago.

The papers include a police report filed by Andrews in 2010 in which she describes Fassbender as drunk and abusive. According to Fonseca, who tells me she’s known about this for almost a decade, there is more to come including photographic evidence.

If true, the allegations and black and white evidence are very disturbing. Fassbender, star of “X Men” movies, “Inglorious Basterds,” and so on has built up a big reputation over the last 9 years as a leading man. He has two Oscar nominations. Last year he married Oscar winner Alicia Vikander. He is well liked and incredibly popular.

Andrews has a long list of celebrity boyfriends including Gerard Butler. She has two children including a 11 year old son with “Basterds” producer Lawrence Bender. Her police filing shows an address in Bel Air, an expensive neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Here is the top part of Andrews’ request for an order of protection in 2010. The phone number and address are moot now. She’s moved long ago and changed numbers according to Fonseca:

Andrews described in her police complaint a fight that had begun in a restaurant. The paperwork including medical bills can all be found on Fonseca’s site.

Fonseca writes: “Leasi and I have been friends for over a decade, over the years she has confided in me, she can’t talk, but as her friend with her permission, I can say certain things that are mine and mine alone because I lived it. In November 2009, Leasi was badly hurt and admitted to the emergency room with vaginal, internal bleeding possibly caused by a busted ovarian cyst, a twisted ankle and a blown out left kneecap.”

The paperwork speaks for itself. Fonseca– who writes for many publications including the New York Daily News– tells me she thought about selling her story. But eventually she just decided to publish it, given the situation right now with #MeToo and #TimesUp.

The saga of Fassbender’s relationship with Andrews is very sad, certainly, and alarming now in light of recent events and changes in understanding about abuse.




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