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“Murphy Brown” is coming back. CBS has ordered a 13 episode pick up for the 90s sitcom starring Candice Bergen. The whole cast is being exhumed and will return, just like “Will & Grace,” “Roseanne,” “Full House,” and so on.

I had kind of thought a rebooted “Murphy Brown” would be called “Avery Brown,” and feature the main character’s son, now a budding DC journalist. Maybe that’s still possible. But this sounds like the Golden Girls return to “FYI.” Frankly, if three of the four Golden Girls weren’t dead, that show would probably be back.

Add this to the updated “Dynasty” and you pretty much have a not so exciting trend. It’s a real indictment of Hollywood that no one can come up with a new premise or new, interesting ideas.

So what’s next? “Seinfeld: The Golden Years.” “Friends in the Suburbs.” “Just Shoot Me (Again).”

Me, I don’t want to see any of this. Imagine if this was the 1970s and instead of new shows we were getting reboots of “Sunset Strip,” “No Time for Sergeants,” and “The People’s Choice.” We’d have rejected them wholesale. It can’t be too much fun for comedy writers of today. Who wants to write scripts for a show that’s been re-animated. They should all be called “Watch the Walking Dead.”


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