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Megyn Kelly, you are a stupid, stupid woman. Kelly, with very low ratings, attacked Jane Fonda today on her nitwit TV show. Megyn, you have no business attacking anyone over anything. Jane Fonda is your superior in every way. A lame attempt to resurrect an ad hominem attack on Fonda is wasted: no one cares. How pathetic. Why Andy Lack doesn’t take this woman off of TV, I don’t know. Every week she digs her own grave. Fox News didn’t want her, NBC viewers don’t want her. Sad!

Fonda will not respond, by the way. But what really irks Kelly isn’t Fonda. It’s the way Hoda and Savannah laughed it up with Fonda and Lily Tomlin at Kelly’s expense. It’s no secret that the real NBC News correspondents can’t abide Kelly. She knows it. The end is coming.

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