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Twenty five years ago, the NY Post trumpeted: Best Sex I’ve Ever Had! as Donald Trump advertised his prowess with mistress Marla Trump to Cindy Adams.

Friday morning, Trump’s sexual rating gets a C as mistress Stormy Daniels is pictured on the Post’s front page with the headline “Averagest Sex I’ve Ever Had”

How times have changed!

The biggest irony isn’t that Trump is no longer the stud he imagined himself. No, it’s hat Rupert Murdoch’s NY Post is knocking itself out to make fun of him.

At the same time, it’s Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal– the more serious paper– that’s gone after Trump with unusual enthusiasm this week over Stormy, the ‘shithole’ incident and everything else.

Tonight, the WSJ reports on how Stormy was paid by Trump lawyer Michael Cohen to keep his mouth shut. Trump must be in shock that Murdoch has abandoned him.

It remains to be seen whether or not Fox News will acknowledge Stormy or any of these stories. They will be focused on Hillary Clinton’s emai server, as Fox has become the Nostalgia Network.


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