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Dylan Farrow continues to attack filmmaker Woody Allen, who co-adopted her with Mia Farrow in the 1980s.

This is despite the fact that Mia Farrow’s brother, John, is serving a 10 year sentence in prison in Maryland for sexually abusing two underage boys. Dylan is using Twitter as a screed for “victims.” But she has never once addressed the victims of her uncle, the real criminal in her family.

Dylan also ignores the statements of her brother Moses Farrow, also adopted by Woody and Mia. Moses Farrow, a therapist and photographer. From Moses’s story: Moses believes that in no way did Woody sexually abuse Dylan. The molestation accusation against Woody was “calculated. Mia had a judge who seemed sympathetic to her case, she found a lawyer who helped craft her arguments, she used her influence as a mother over her own children and used it to gain favor in the media.”

Dylan’s blindly loyal fans refuse to read Moses’s statement posted this week. They also fail to see that three of the children Mia Farrow adopted are now dead. Dylan’s followers are like Trump supporters. They cherry pick their facts. It’s pretty interesting that Mia cut Moses off when he finally broke ranks and spoke to Woody Allen. His point of view or memories didn’t count. The Farrows deny Moses’s reality– and he’s a trained therapist.


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