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Yes, yes, The Last Jedi is a big big hit.

But it’s never going to be as big a hit as “The Force Awakens.”

And even though Disney can now see its surpassed earnings of $4 billion with LucasFilms since buying it from George Lucas for $4 billion…

“Last Jedi” is now running $187 million day to day behind “The Force Awakens.”

The Christmas holiday week has helped but not enough to make up the huge disparity between the two films.

By its 14th day, “Force Awakens” had made $652 million. “Jedi” has earned $464.5 million domestically. That’s a difference of about $187 million, up — or down 10 million– from last week. The $200 million mark is nearing. You could make a damn good “Star Wars” movie for $200 million. Maybe that one will be called “The Return of the Profit.”

And now, with the three principle stars of “Star Wars” gone, the new chapters may behave more like “Rogue One,” which only had $375 million socked away on its 14th day.

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