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In light of the Form 990 I’ve just seen for the Donald Trump Foundation, it’s now completely clear he lied about how much money he gave to veterans’ groups in 2016.

Trump initially claimed he raised $6 million. That was knocked down to $5.6 million. On CNN, Corey Lewandowski, his lackey, said Trump took in $4.5 million.

According to the Form 990 the Donald J. Trump Foundation submitted to the IRS, the number was less than $3 million. The total was $2,865,683.

The money came from just five donors: Ike Perlmutter, Phil Ruffin– each of whom gave $1 million. Another $100,000 from Ivanka Trump. Plus $50,000 from two smaller donors.  That came to $2.2 million of the total. The rest– $665,683– came from the Trump Foundation, a typical annual amount they would give to charity anyway.

In other words, all that bluster, all that time wasted, and Trump failed to motivate his base to give a penny to veterans’ causes. None of the people who show up at the crazy rallies donated anything. No one.

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