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Mia Farrow’s strange and sad family has an actual criminal in it, and it’s not Woody Allen. Woody has never been arrested for anything, tried for anything, or accused of any crime other than Mia’s accusations against him in 1992.

The actual criminal is her brother, John Villers-Farrow. He was convicted in 2013 of molesting two underage boys. The crimes were committed between 2002 and 2008. He is now serving a ten year sentence at Patuxent Correctional Institution in Maryland, where he lived.

John Villers-Farrow pleaded guilty to molesting the boys over a period about six years. One of the boys was six years old when it started. The other was nine years old.

Neither Dylan Farrow, Mia’s daughter, nor Ronan, her brother (and Woody’s biological child), or Mia have mentioned this in their campaigns to destroy Allen. They have never expressed sympathy for  John Farrow’s victims, either.

Mia Farrow’s family is full of tragedy. Her other brother, Patrick Farrow, committed suicide in 2009, shooting himself in his New England art galley. An adopted son., Thaddeus, shot himself to death in 2016. An adopted daughter, Tam, died from heart failure at age 19 in 2000. Another adopted daughter, Lark, died in 2008 from pneumonia after struggling with AIDs and drug addiction.

Allen married Farrow’s adopted daughter Soon Yi in 1997 after a five year relationship. They have two adopted daughters, one of whom seems like she may become a filmmaker.

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