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Eminem– Marshall Mathers to you– has a new album called “Revival” on December 15th. It seems like Em is going the Tony Bennett duets route. “Revival” features special guests Beyonce, Ed Sheeran, Pink, Alicia Keys, X Ambassadors, Kehlani, and Skylar Grey. The latter, a talented singer songwriter, has also written a couple of songs on the album including the Beyonce single, “Walk on Water.”

Notable on this list is the lack of hip hop or rap guests. The only one is Phresher, who collaborates on a song called “Chloraseptic.” It’s unclear if that’s a commercial for the sore throat spray.

What’s next? Why, Eminem at Caesar’s Palace, I’d guess. A guest spot on the Hallmark Channel. A joint venture with the Food Channel. A line of dishware at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

  1. “Walk on Water” (featuring Beyoncé)
  2. “Believe”
  3. “Chloraseptic” (featuring Phresher)
  4. “Untouchable”
  5. “River” (featuring Ed Sheeran)
  6. “Remind Me (Intro)”
  7. “Remind Me”
  8. “Revival (Interlude)”
  9. “Like Home” (featuring Alicia Keys)
  10. “Bad Husband” (featuring X Ambassadors)
  11. “Tragic Endings” (featuring Skylar Grey)
  12. “Framed”
  13. “Nowhere Fast” (featuring Kehlani)
  14. “Heat”
  15. “Offended”
  16. “Need Me” (featuring Pink)
  17. “In Your Head”
  18. “Castle”
  19. “Arose”

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