Home Celebrity Uma Thurman Is Clearly Upset with Harvey Weinstein Over Something

Uma Thurman is clearly mad at Harvey Weinstein about something. A couple of weeks she made vague comments on the red carpet when asked about Weinstein’s sex harassment charges. She was literally seething. Her face was redder than the carpet. But declined to give details. Now she’s followed up on Instagram with this comment, that Weinstein “doesn’t deserve a bullet.” Something worse then? My sources say he hit on her back in the day (who didn’t he hit on, is this question). But was it worse? Or this about more than Weinstein? Thurman’s ex, Andre Balazs, was recently accused of misconduct. Her ex husband, Ethan Hawke, was a child star and probably told her plenty of stories about misbehavior. Uma opens on Broadway next week in “The Parisian Woman.” Now that red carpet should be boiling. Thurman, a Buddhist, certainly has everyone’s attention.

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