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They made the worst movie of the year, and now their relationship is over.

Just as I predicted, Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky are kaput. It’s all done. She can even burp up the baby from the movie “Mother!”

“Mother!” was the worst movie of the year, with the exception of Louis CK’s “I Love You, Daddy.” It made no money, had no fans, terrible reviews. The pair– he directed, she starred– met on the film and became a couple. But when that happens, the only way the romance will survive is if the movie is a hit. If it isn’t, they blame each other. It’s a story old as time.

I’m surprised they didn’t break up at Radio City during the premiere. But now it’s done, never to be spoken of again. Everyone moves on.


photo: Javier Bardem asking JLaw how in beck they got involved in this.

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