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The E! Channel recently announced a $150 million deal with the Kardashians to keep their reality show going.

They may be regretting it now.

So far season 14 has not been a ratings success. They’ve averaged 1 million viewers a week, way off from their 1.4 million of past seasons.

This past Sunday’s show scored just 774,000 viewers, literally down 50% from the first week of this season.

The show’s ratings have dipped a couple of times so far this season, getting down to around 890K. But the 774K is an all time low, and doesn’t bode well for American’s most avaricious, tasteless family.

Two pregnancies– one for Kim via a surrogate and the other for unmarried Khloe– were supposed to be ratings getters and good plot points. But apparently the mostly witless audience for this show isn’t so interested. And with Caitlyn Jenner on the outs, and Kanye West weaving baskets, that left Kris Jenner to dye her hair blonde. Suddenly the Weather Channel is more interesting.

It does seem that at 9pm on Sunday, cable viewers were watching “The Walking Dead,” and a show on CNN. It could be the K’s will be walking dead soon.

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