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Taylor Swift’s first sales week for “Reputation” put her at number 1 of course. She sold 1.3 million copies, all CDs and downloads, no streaming.

Number 2 is Sam Smith, who sold around 48,000 copies in his second week for “The Thrill of It All.”

Chris Brown is number 3, with 35,000 copies of “Heartbreak on a Full Moon.” Brown’s life since 2009 has been chaos and heartbreak. Maybe now he’s on the right track.

Swift has now scored four albums in a row that debuted with sales of over 1 million units. This album is marketed within an inch of its life.

Will any of Swift’s albums have the life span or influence of a Tapestry, a Blue, a No Secrets? Or is she really writing just one “You’re So Vain” after another, implicating former lovers? We’ll have to wait and see.

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