Home Television “General Hospital” About to Reveal a First: Double Amputee Marine War Veteran...

Soap opera “General Hospital” is about to reveal a first. The actor who’s playing character Chet Driscoll, a patient in the hospital where most diseases have fake names and antidotes, has been covered by sheets so far in his hospital bed. But sooner or later, he will be revealed to be a double amputee. In real life, actor Chris van Etten (and this is weird because one of the show’s writers is named Chris van Etten) is a vet, a Marine who lost both legs after stepping on an IED in Afghanistan. He’s also a Jockey underwear model. There have been a few different actors over the years who’ve been bound to wheelchairs. But this will mark a first for soaps– and it’s about time. van Etten should become an overnight sensation on the show, and a role model.

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